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Terms and Conditions is a brand of City Hotel Reservations Limited referred to in these terms and conditions as 'CHR'. The term 'Service Provider' is used to refer to a supplier of any of the products or services available to purchase from CHR.

Please read these terms and conditions and the Service Provider’s terms and conditions carefully, in full. Do not proceed with a booking if you are not in full agreement of these terms and conditions.

  1. Bookings and availability of reservation services
    1. All bookings made through CHR are subject to final email confirmation. Bookings are deemed to be made on these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of the Service Provider when a booking confirmation email from CHR is sent to the email address you supply to by CHR. CHR reserves the right to cancel a booking if a Service Provider declines the booking due to availability.
    2. Booking confirmation emails will include a booking ID number, confirmation number(s) and Service Provider cancellation policies.
    3. All bookings are subject to the Service Providers current terms and conditions. A copy of the Service Providers terms and conditions are available on request. Please see clause 12 for further information on the Service Providers terms and conditions. You must familiarise yourself with the service providers terms and conditions before arriving with your vehicle and / or using a hotel or parking service.
    4. Although CHR endeavours to detail all payment terms and conditions, and booking terms and conditions on a per supplier or Service Provider basis, please be sure to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the Service Provider with whom you have made a reservation. Each hotel, parking operator or other Service Provider may vary with regards to the way in which cancellations and amendments are handled, processed and charged.
    5. All reservation services provided are subject to availability. CHR does not guarantee the availability of hotel rooms, Park and Fly packages, airport parking or any type of reservation. The availability of your reservation is always subject to final email confirmation.
    6. In the unlikely event that a hotel or parking provider is overbooked, or that CHR’s allocation for a particular service is recalled an alternative, similar service will be offered wherever possible.
    7. Booking confirmation will not be sent by post unless specifically requested. This service is subject to an additional administration fee.
  2. CHR's Liability
    1. CHR acts as booking agent only for the Service Provider and is only liable to the customer for losses directly arising from its negligence in processing a booking.
  3. Payment, refunds and overstays
    1. Payment for all airport parking products that do not include a Park and Fly hotel stay is taken securely by CHR and processed by a third party payment processor at the time of booking. In some cases where a hotel Park and Fly package has been booked the reservations will be held (guaranteed) with the payment card used at the time of booking. This card will be charged in the event of a non-arrival or no show where the booking has not been cancelled within the specified cancellation period. This charge will be for the total value of the service(s) booked.
    2. Credit or debit card processing fees are not added to the booking total. CHR is responsible for paying all payment card processing expenses and does not pass this expense on to you.
    3. Stays over and above the pre-booked period may be subject to additional charges over and above the pre-booked rate. Service Providers reserve the right not to return vehicles until additional payment for an overstay has been made. Daily rates for overstays will vary considerably on a per Service Provider basis.
    4. Full payment of a booked service is due prior to the commencement of the service. In the case where a Pay on Arrival service has been booked payment will be due on arrival at the hotel.
    5. Discount Advance Purchase bookings are non refundable under any circumstances.
    6. Cancellation waivers and cancellation flexibility products are non refundable under any circumstances.
  4. Cancellations and curtailment
    1. It will be made very clear at the time of booking whether or not the reservation being made is amendable and / or cancellable. These details are also emailed to you with your booking confirmation.
    2. Cancellations and amendments must be made through CHR and will not be accepted if made with the Service Provider directly.
    3. If you need to cancel or amend a booking please email
    4. Please be absolutely sure of the cancellation and payment terms and conditions for your booking at the time of purchase. All services featured on this website consist of different payment, cancellation and amendment terms and conditions.
    5. CHR and some Service Providers may charge a cancellation and / or amendment fee in the case of a Pre-pay product which can be cancelled or amended.
    6. Pay on Arrival bookings can be cancelled or amended without charge if requested within the specified cancellation time.
    7. Discount Advance Purchase bookings are non cancellable and non amendable under any circumstances.
    8. If a booked product or service allows cancellation or amendment then changes to the booking must be made within a certain time of arrival. Be sure to check the required notice period for the booking you are making.
    9. Any customer wishing to curtail the length of stay for a service once a service has commenced will be liable to pay the fee for the booked total.
    10. Any alterations made within the allowed number of hours before departure and / or during the duration of stay may incur a charge. This charge is determined on a per Service Provider basis.
  5. Rates and prices
    1. Rates quoted are for pre-booking and include VAT and service charges.
    2. All rates and prices are quoted in GBP (£).
    3. In the event that a price is displayed in a currency other than GBP (£), payment will always be processed in GBP (£). Alternative currencies are used purely for reference purposes.
    4. Some products and services may require full payment in advance, others require a valid credit or debit card as a booking guarantee.
    5. Strike through pricing and booking savings are calculated against the Service Provider’s rack rates which can be up to 60% higher than rates published on this website.
  6. Best Price Guarantee
    1. Best Price Guarantee means that if you find exactly the same product compared like-for-like, including payment conditions of the product, for exactly the same price within 24 hours of making your reservation, the cheaper rate will be matched.
  7. Special requests
    1. All special requests are noted and passed to the Service Provider. Special requests, however, are not guaranteed. CHR cannot be held responsible if a hotel, car parking operator or other Service Provider fails to provide a special request.
  8. Hotel and hotel Park and Fly packages
    1. Please make sure that you have the necessary directions to your hotel.
    2. Hotel facilities are accurate at the time of publication. CHR is not responsible for the availability of published facilities at the hotel.
    3. CHR is not responsible for booking meals or reserving tables in restaurants. In the case where a product or service is booked that includes a meal it will be made clear. It will still be the responsibility of the guest staying to make arrangements for restaurant reservations directly with the hotel.
    4. A family room will generally accommodate a maximum of 2 adults and up to a maximum of 6 children (in a very few hotels). Children are expected to be under the age of 16. Cots are usually provided free of charge for infants under the age of 2 years but this may not always be the case.
    5. Extra beds, rollaways or 'Z' beds are generally available for children aged 12 years and under. These extra beds are available for free or for an additional charge. The supplement for an extra bed, if applicable, will always be included in the room package rate.
    6. Due to health and safety regulations it is not possible to request a cot and an extra bed in the same room.
    7. There may be additional charges for leisure facilities and admission may be restricted for children. Leisure facilities are not necessarily available 24 hours a day.
    8. In the case of a hotel Park and Fly booking parking is always at the vehicle owner's risk. Most hotel car parks are unsecured unless otherwise stated.
    9. Cars are parked subject to the conditions and insurance arrangements of the individual Service Provider.
    10. Cars may be moved off-site to a secure compound, even when an on-site car parking package is booked guests must be prepared for their vehicle to be moved to a secure off-site compound. Hotels reserve the right to arrange off-site parking during busy periods and can not guarantee that your car will be parked on-site at the hotel.
    11. Where a hotel Park and Fly package utilises a secured car park you will often park for the night of your stay in the hotel's own car park which is unlikely to be secured.
    12. Car parking procedures and arrangements vary between products and Service Providers.
    13. Where a parking booking is offered as a 4, 8, 10, 15 or 21 day option the full number of days does not have to be used, but there is no reduction in price if they are not.
    14. If you leave your car for longer than the duration included you are likely to be charged locally by the hotel or car park operator for the extra days. The extra daily rate may be considerably more expensive than the pre-booked daily rate.
    15. In the interests of efficient operation you must be prepared to leave your car keys with the hotel or car park if requested to do so.
  9. Customer service
    1. Any queries relating to the processing of customer bookings or the services provided by our suppliers should be addressed to The Manager, City Hotel Reservations, email: Please state your booking ID number. In accordance with our customer service policy: CHR will endeavour to respond to all correspondence within five working days, advise clients how long it will take to resolve the query and keep the customer informed throughout the process.
    2. CHR cannot be held responsible for incorrectly inputted email addresses resulting in undelivered or lost correspondence and communication.
    3. We may, from time to time, email you with details of promotions or offers. If you do not wish to receive these emails please specify at the end of the booking process. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe from our mailings at any time using the "unsubscribe" link.
  10. Hotel shuttles and terminal proximity
    1. Airport hotel shuttle operation times and frequencies are accurate at the time they are published. Please note, however, any aspect of a shuttle service may be amended at any time. This includes changes to shuttle timetables and prices. There may also be seasonal or demand based variations to the published times of operation and shuttle frequencies.
    2. Shuttle journey times are approximate and may vary depending on time of travel, traffic and other factors.
    3. Airport hotel and parking compound proximities to / from terminal buildings are measured in miles and are calculated using data from Google Maps. CHR can not be held responsible for any inaccurate data supplied by Google.
    4. Transfer times are different for each hotel. All hotel shuttle services are subject to availability on the day and may operate on a first come first served basis.
  11. Parking brands
    1. The follow brands are available exclusively to CHR;
      1. Meet and Greet brand "Drop 'n' GO" on is fulfilled by Diamond Parking Limited.
  12. Insurance, vehicle damage and car park security
    1. It is the terms and conditions of the Service Provider that govern your booking whilst a vehicle is in their care.
    2. So far as not inconsistent with the Service Providers terms and conditions:
      1. CHR can not be held responsible for any changes or amendments to the terms and conditions of service providers.
      2. Vehicles are always parked at the owner's risk.
      3. Car parks and car storage compounds will not accept any liability for damage to vehicle glass under any circumstances.
      4. No claim for damage can be considered unless the damage is brought to the attention of the service provider upon collection of the vehicle.
      5. Service Providers accept no liability for mechanical, structural and electrical failure of any part of a vehicle including windscreens, glass, tyres and in particular alloy wheels however caused. (This list is not exhaustive)
      6. Vehicles must be taxed, road legal and comply with the Road Traffic Act 1988 for the duration of the booking from drop-off to pick-up. Car park operators will not be held liable for any incidents that occur as a result of the client's vehicle not being road legal or not complying with the Road Traffic Act 1988.
      7. Parking providers accept no liability for faulty keys, alarm fobs, house, office or any other keys left on the key ring.
      8. In the event of a vehicle not starting whilst in the possession of a Service Provider or a vehicle acquiring a puncture, or a mechanical failure or any other issue that prevents the service provider from being able to return the vehicle to the customer the service provider reserves the right to charge a fee for any time and / or costs incurred to get the vehicle returned.
      9. In the event that a Service Provider has to pick you up from a terminal building (where this service isn't included in the rate) due to a mechanical failure of your vehicle, the Service Provider reserves the right to apply an additional charge for any associated costs that are incurred.
      10. Customers are required to take a spare set of car keys with them on the drop-off date. The spare set of keys are required to be retained by the customer for the duration that the vehicle is parked with the service provider.
      11. During certain peak / busy periods or lengthy periods of stay, your car may be parked in an off-site secure compound which could be up to 15 miles away (one way), depending on which terminal you have dropped your vehicle off.
      12. In the event that your vehicle needs to be repaired as result of the Service Provider's negligence, repair work must be carried out by a Service Provider approved organisation. Vehicle delivery and collection arrangements and costs are the responsibility of you. Authorisation for any works to be carried out by dealerships will not be granted, even in the event of the vehicle forgoing its warranty.
      13. The internal condition of the car is not checked at any time so no responsibility is accepted for the interior condition of the vehicle.
      14. No vehicles will be covered for theft, fire, flood damage (or any other intervening act of nature) whilst the vehicle is in the custody of the service provider.
      15. Service Providers will endeavour to deliver your vehicle back to you within 45 minutes of calling depending on traffic and weather conditions, etc.
      16. Service Providers will not be liable for any minor scratches or dents which may not be possible to identify in confined areas and certain weather conditions.
      17. Service providers will not be responsible for any chips or broken glass to the vehicle under any circumstances.
      18. Service providers will not be responsible for any valuables left in the vehicle. All valuable items must be removed from the vehicle prior to drop-off.
      19. Service providers will not be responsible for any discolouration of paintwork, dents or scratches that may become visible after a car wash / valet or after severe weather conditions.
      20. During busy periods vehicles may be moved between compounds for part of the duration of your stay. This will be carried out by fully insured drivers, additional mileage should be expected. Overflow compounds are secured with perimeter fencing, CCTV and 24-hour patrols but may not hold the Park Mark award.
      21. Service Providers may not accept long wheelbase vehicles, camper-vans or vehicles with over 9 seats due to the size and/or insurance restrictions. Your confirmed booking with such vehicle is subject to the acceptance of your Service Provider and may incur a charge (which could be double the booking fee). CHR does not accept any liability for bookings not accepted by the Service Providers for whatever reason.

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